Check Out Los Angeles Native Frex & Her Vibrant New Video For “Homebody.”


Los Angeles, California is home to some of the most eclectic personalities in music. For years, the city has been responsible for pumping out, and promoting the best that Pop Music has to offer, but rarely are the artists ever from there. Enter in rising singer, Frex, who drops off one of the most refreshing videos of the year in, “Homebody.”

Set to the backdrop of colorful, bright visuals provided by Nikoli Partiyeli, “Homebody” is a sultry, soulful standout album cut from her recent project, Blu. Backed by serene production from Jake Standley, the track is a easy listen, and high replayable. The infectious synths, matched up with Frex’s hypnotic vocals make for an intimately fascinating experience. Check out the video for, “Homebody” above and be sure to listen to her album, Blu, available everywhere.


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