Chicago Brand Badmath Says “Fuck You” to Mike Pence



What’s everyone stressing about recently? I can name a few things, for myself anyway. The current state of our country, the team of people running it, and so, so much more. Well, Luke Galle, the mastermind behind the Chicago streetwear brand Badmath, is in the same boat, but he had a fantastic idea.

As a creator, you’re able to do and make whatever you feel expresses your inner thoughts and feelings. Badmath decided to have a surprise drop of hoodies, with the phrase “NO MEANS NO” plastered on the front. The best part? A portion of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, but he’s donating it in Mike Pence’s name, to add a little bit of hilarity even though we’re in dark, dark times.

“HOW THE FUCK DO I COP THIS RARE ASS PIECE?!” You can order the hoodie here, and also I’d encourage you to check out the rest of the clothing that Badmath has to offer. Don’t forget, even though one voice is small, it still counts.


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