Chicago’s Tri Nohbi Is A Name To Know, Peep His Project “Lov3bomb”


Tri is one of the best singers I’ve heard in a minute, but it’s because of how he transforms his voice. He’s not afraid to attack a variety of instrumentation and that’s what differentiates his work from the rest. Lov3bomb is ten cuts with infectious prowess and they touch on every auditory tastebud.

Cuts like “HML” and “Jack Ya Body” are smashes to start the momentum, but songs like “Got It Back” and “Love Is Cruel” show shades of stellar skillsets. All we’re really saying is that this opus is wondrously diverse. The radio samples add to a golden-era-themed wave but don’t distract too much from the talents of Tri.

We’re calling it now that this young man is going to make a name and a great career for himself. Let this be the introduction to the world, peep Tri Nohbi and his gifts below.


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