Chiefer’s Choice: Don’t Miss Out on Loonie Blue & His Infectious Record “White Boy”



Last night, I was in the studio with some homies and met a very talented artist/producer by the name of Devontee (s/o WOE). After playing some of his own shit, he started spinning some people we should know about from our neighboring country up north, and put up a hella dope song and video from a guy named Loonie Blue titled “White Boy.”

The concept of the video is dope, as he plays on the “white boy” stereotype while rapping in a rural setting with gritty conviction. It all adds up to a fiery showing from Loonie, as he plain raps his ass off on this. From the metaphors to the flows and hook, “White Boy” is a bangin’ cut from the rising Toronto native. Watch below, and look out for much more from him soon. Enjoy!



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