Chris Morris – Hip Hop Fell In Love With Me (Album)



When you come across a gem in this fake hip-hop industry, you must grasp it and never let it go. This hip-hop game has become more watered down than a keg full of Natty Light on a hot summer campus. But with Chris Morris, you get that boom bap sound, but with the style and charisma of today’s confidence. But instead of being wrapped up in yolo references and pouring champagne on bitches, Chris has focused on creating a unique sound that will ultimately sky rocket his career. Daily Chiefers has kept you occupied with almost every single that Chris has released, but the time has finally come to finally hear the album in it’s entirety. Hip Hop Fell In Love With Me is Chris Morris’ debut studio album, and it couldn’t have been any better if I say so myself. Mixed with high jazzy horns, and beautiful melodic tones, Chris showcases his talents over flawless production. Production credits range from Six, Nabeyin, DreBrown, MrBizn3ssBeats, Danny Dee, Freddie Joachim, WriteGroove, TooNorth, and Evil Needle x OriJanus. The project had one feature by Talen Ted who lends crisp 16 for the “Who Is Love” track. If you’re not impressed by hip-hop lately, then you need to hear this.


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