Cincinnati’s Crunr Delivers Sheer Vibrance On His New Album “The Outcome”


Cincinnati, Ohio’s Crunr has blessed the world with an album full of vibrant melodies and poignant percussion. The Outcome is ten intoxicating cuts that not only showcase Crunr’s vocal prowess, but his hit-making potential is what really shines through. “Show Me” with A. Major is a certified, lust-filled heater that could run up the charts in the right hands. His register is relatively high, but that doesn’t mean his voice lacks charisma. The layering of these songs are incredibly clean, making for a truly cohesive effort throughout. “Sound We Make” featuring Dayo Gold possesses powerful hypnotizing instrumentation painted by Crunr‘s brilliant tone. Kiahna makes two killer appearances on the single “Distraction” and on the modern pop duet “Everything About You”. Each of these features compliments Crunr‘s creative ability and this album turned out to be a great start to the year. All of the production was handled by Jay Legato and each cut is diverse, but there is still an underlying tone of passion. Crunr just lays down his heart atop these beats and we are taken on a flight through his mind.  Do yourself a favor and stream this album in entirety below.


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