Civ Pierre Returns With A Brilliant Set Of New Songs


Civ Pierre is one of those names that will ring from the mountaintops when it’s all said and done. His newest set of songs “Billie” and “The Law – Eli” are distorted bliss in a realm we haven’t yet witnessed. His melodic approach is not here to soothe, instead he focuses on wherever the energy takes him. “Billie” exudes a arrogance that only Prince could really understand. His precise cadence and voice control commands our attention from start to finish.

“The Law – Eli” showcases a rugged side of Civ and marches straight down your spine. It’s truly wild how many different tones this guy can play with. Impressed? Yes of course, but surprised? Not even close, it’s only a matter of time until these people are hip, so tap in and stream A Shadow of Ignorance (Ep 2) below.


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