Cleveland’s Foreign Jay Delivers Heat For The Winter With His New Project “Grave Star”


Cleveland sensation Foreign Jay dropped off some serious heat in the form of an album for our Winter entitled Grave Star. It is a grim set of twelve cuts that absolutely slap front to back. Jay oozes confidence, while his rugged choice of production wins over his fans every time. “Anonymous”, “Anxiety” and “Granny” are some of the darkest songs on here, but cuts like “Concrete” with Ripp Flamez show another side of this kid.

“Baleedat” is a triumphant opus with more of a laid back and appreciative sound. “Vice City” is a very Detroit-inspired bop featuring LvFrmCle, but it rides with a great deal of energy. Jay is really showing his diverse style with this project, it’s no wonder why he’s one of the front runners coming out of Cleveland and Ohio as a whole. What he possesses is authenticity and a knack for what the futuristic thinkers want from their street music. He moves with purpose and the music reflects that. Do yourself a favor and check out Foreign Jay’s new album below, we’ll see you soon.


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