CLIP Stands Out With “Calvin K” Music Video Directed By Moshpxt


The underground rising star CLIP continues to show why she stands out from the rest with this music video for “Calvin K”. Having this mysterious and unique personality to her, the music portrays who she is so well. Completely in her own lane, she makes it clear that she’s doing her own thing and with every release, you can see her fan base grow. Making this song about how someone is attached to her, she quickly lets it be known that she doesn’t care because she’s just young and wants to have fun. With cutthroat lyrics, CLIP is exactly what the music scene needs right now. 

While CLIP did her thing, we can’t overlook the creative direction from Moshpxt for this video. Using this all-white background lets CLIP be the center of attention. Including dope transition and eye-catching effects, it captures the song perfectly. With that being said CLIP is just getting started on what will soon be a massive career. 



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