Comethazine’s Appropriately Titled Album, “Pandemic”, Is Here And It’s Gas


St. Louis has produced some very notable artists in the contemporary rap scene, and Comethazine is arguably the hottest out right now. He just dropped a twelve-track masterpiece which, ironically enough, he titled Pandemic, before the emergence of COVID-19.

We’re huge fans of Comethazine here at Chiefers. Although his previous album drops have all been fire, this new album might be his best yet. Production-wise, the majority of Pandemic was done by Childboy, with additional appearances from DIV and TOOMDIV is responsible for many of Comethazine‘s beats on his prior projects, so its nice to see him reappear on this latest drop. Comethazine‘s energy is levels ahead of his competition. He always manages to find a new way of keeping the same energy. Needless to say, the end result is very entertaining. Comethazine is coming up in big ways, get hip and check out the latest from St. Louis’ best.


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