Connecticut’s Snowprah delivers “Soft Drink” and you have to hear it


Snowprah is next up! The Connecticut rapper delivers a fucking hard new single that I can’t turn off. “Soft Drink” is an anthem.

Snowprah has got the moves. She shows that she’s got the swag in the Keylodirected visual for “Soft Drink”. I love how she goes off on the track, she rides the beat so well and switches up her flows effortlessly. Throughout the record, she shows her versatility as a rapper as her flows go from slow to fast and back. She’s not a one-sided artist either, I was surprised as to how fire her lyrics are too.  Snowprah makes going the local town festival look fun again and it’s refreshing to hear something as new and cool as this. Keep Snowprah on your radar, trust me. Smash that play button above.


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