D Savage Is On One with His Newest Cut, “How Does It Feel”


Seriously, we need to put more respect on D Savage‘s name. I know a meme of him was circulating a few months ago, but unlike most memes, there is zero truth coming from all internet memes. This kid is a superstar.

After taking a few months off, Cali rapper D Savage has been on the prowl looking for the right time to release his next single, and his latest single “How Does it Feel” is the result. Per usual, Savage continues to test the boundaries of hip-hop and singing, utilizing melodics that his peers can’t reach mixed with the gritty, street style that we’re use to from Savage.

No word on when he plans a new project, but we’ll keep you posted on any new material. Until then, check out “How Does It Feel” down below. You’ll thank me later.


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