Dab Mandate?


Another week of chaos on this greenish rock floating through the abyss. Some more gas per usual, but I think we should enforce a dab mandate for the country because at this point what is there to lose? Perception of our troubles might not be as serious as our worrisome little heads create. I get it, we’re all here to live out our dreams, though the work that goes into everything gets thrown to the wayside.

That inner peace is more important than anything, but sometimes shit gets a bit loud. If you can find your balance in this world, you’ll be golden. A wise man said nothing worth having is easy, the community is very important and you’ve got to bust your ass for these fucking goals. Anyway, the heat below is astounding, so take a deep breath, enjoy the waves and I’ll talk to you soon.

E The Profit – Evergreen

E The Profit is building a catalog that is unlike anything his region has seen before. Pairing this time with John Buchanan and the good folks at Soul Serum, we are gifted the visuals for “Evergreen”. Atop this stellar production from Rocco. Roy we hear this Memphis-inspired backdrop get painted with prowess. Slick edits, some fine linens, and those car shots, truly take the video to another dimension. With this drastic growth over the past 12 months, E is turning into a name you can’t ignore.

She Loves Boon w/ Funeral – Party By Myself

Boon makes music that doesn’t come with much of a ceiling because it’s the sound of the future. This emotional trap pioneer doesn’t need your approval, he just needs you to get out of the way and let him cook. An assist from Funeral and these Euphoria-inspired frames showcases that “Party By Myself” is bigger than just another release. loe4t went crazy with the production per usual and Adam Ginsberg directed this cinematic opus. Pay attention, this kid isn’t losing his step anytime soon.

509 BMG – Jamaica, pt. 2

509 BMG is unbridled talent from both his production and his vocal efforts. The baritone booms through his southern zest all meshed with this island instrumental. “Jamaica, pt. 2” picks up right where the last one drops off and we bask in the sheer simplicity. This man can destroy some trap, Flint or whatever region’s instrumentation he chooses to float over, but these have just been hitting. Peep this pack above.

Coyote Featuring Bino Rideaux – Street Lights

This one is a rising cut on the West, but it has the potential to be bigger than just one specific region. Coyote links up with Bino Rideaux for “Street Lights” which is a reminder for those who decide to run wild in the world. A more somber approach from a style of rap that lives inside of the party. Though I do feel like people forget about how introspective the West Coast can be, this one should move a few of us. Be safe out here in this unforgiving world and peep this gas above.

Su’Lan – We Talkin Shit Again

This came across my timeline a few days ago and what attracted me was the rugged replay value. “We Talking Shit Again” brings audacious sex appeal with cadences that will stay in your mind all day. I love to see this type of aggression from women in rap, especially when it’s with brilliant punchlines. Su’Lan is a duo to watch and respect from here on out.

Flame Blazin x NSE Mdot – Runtz

Flame Blazin and NSE Mdot tap in for the video “Runtz” and real talk this one is some certified za. Not only are both of their flows effortless, but it’s a blend of confidence that you can’t forget about. Flame is a cornerstone in the VA music scene and he will continue to build his legacy until the end of time. Thoroughly impressed with what’s above, so tap into that flick asap.


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