Daily Chiefer’s Artist Survival Guide: Submitting to Blogs


Not only as a source to find the newest and freshest underground musicians, but we also want to give musicians the resources to have success. This will be the first of many articles where we offer advice and input on how to grow your guy’s career. Today, we are discussing best practices when submitting to a blog! 

  1. Don’t be an Asshole!

Approach anyone you are reaching out to with kindness and understand that writers are constantly getting sent music. So it may take time to get a response or acknowledgment, but that’s no reason to get salty. On the other hand, don’t get too friendly either. It just comes off disingenuous!

2. Make Sure Your Music is Awesome 

Frequently the music bloggers get sent is decent and not bad! However, to stand out amongst your peers, it needs to be above average and damn near jaw-dropping. That will get the attention of any music blogger and lock in a post!

3. Build Relationships With Writers

Building relationships with the writers has to be one of the biggest things to do. We are all just humans and want to help out people we genuinely care about. Having a solid relationship with the writers will only help in the grand scheme of things. 

4. A No isn’t the End

We all get No’s, and that’s a part of life, but don’t take it personally and give up. This should be the fuel to get you across that marathon and push you to grow. Being turned away in the present doesn’t mean feelings won’t change in the future! Keep grinding, and it will pay off!


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