Daily Chiefers’ Official Woman Crush Wednesday goes to Tanisha Long



It’s no surprise men love a woman with a personality. She accidentally, made her debut in my life during an episode of Guy Code. Those who watch Guy or Girl Code, know that Tanisha Long, the Philly raised actress and comedian is very beautiful and funny. What you may not know, is that Miss Long, (can I call you Miss Long? lol) is the only reason I catch myself watching Girl Code sometimes; her voice and opinion makes my heart go into cardiac arrest. She is any sane man’s type, and I’m a very sane man. Currently, my bae is doing a college tour at select universities in the North East, with the homie Ester Ku. If you’re like me and not lucky enough to see her live and hear her jokes, you can also see her guest star on Friends of the people.

Anyways, if you people need more convincing that this woman is perfect and the reason I’m thinking about setting down, enjoy: #WCW





Tanisha Long Profile, New York Observer

Doesn’t she look like the woman you want to take out to dinner and travel to different places with, lol.


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