Daily Chiefers Presents: Next To Blow in 2018




Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Residing in St. Paul, Minnesota, rising newcomer Lerado has been a favorite of ours over here at Daily Chiefers. He’s received cosigns from Adam22, No Jumper, among many others, and has a unique style that is carving a lane of its own. With his hit single “360!” still climbing up the Soundcloud charts, look for Lerado to be a major player when it comes to 2018 hip-hop. – Joey

Lerado‘s rise will be remembered as one of the quickest in the underground. It’s not easy to categorize him, especially as he is beginning to separate himself from the core underground scene to mold his own wave. Lerado taps into the traditional sound of trap but puts more effort into his grim but satisfying storytelling. If he continues to put up numbers like he has in recent months, Lerado will become something bigger than we could ever imagine. Keep an eye out for him in this upcoming year. – Trademark

I believe Lerado going to blow up in 2018 just based off of the features he has gotten and also at the trajectory that he seems to be going at, his social media has noticeably gotten more traffic and has resulted in him performing more shows. He’s even opened up for 21 Savage which has helped him bag more shows and even more attention towards him as an artist. – Rody

Lerado came out of nowhere into the game this year as a new artist with his very unique sound. The St. Paul Minnesota native has made a lot of noise with his music working with a various artist coming up in the underground with some notable names such as NolanBeRollin and BigBabyGucci. After picking up steam earlier this year after dropping his single with the epic visuals in “360,” Leardo continues to bring heat with his new music. Lerado plans on dropping his new project entitled “shark fin soup” with many more visuals to add on to his new legacy. Lerado without a doubt is an artist to watch out for in the year of 2018. – Icey


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