Destin Laurel Shows And Proves With His New Project “Searching For Klarity”


There are very few artists in the game who not only captivate their fans but win new ones over after the first listen. Echoes of the name Destin Laurel have rung through the industry and the underground alike, but it’s seeming like this project has the legs to break through. Either way, Laurel is delivering the music that his dedicated fans will love and that new listeners will be addicted to.

In eight cuts we are walked through a tumultuous set of songs, each exuding flare you can’t find anywhere else. “high” is the first lucid tumble into Destin‘s world, but the percussion comes together with sheer brilliance. Flowing into cuts like “arc’go” and “win’or’lose” we hear melodies of epic proportions. The energy that this young man brings to the table is undeniable and forces the new ear to delve deeper.

“in here” might be the personal favorite because of the lush melding of synths and the baritone tonality. Sometimes his register creeps to the higher vocal range, but it never sounds forced or out of place. Fan favorite “i suppose” and “Anesthesia” round out this opus in a slowed-down way, but don’t lack a bit of creativity. The 808 and Heartbreaks-inspired drums of the final cut not only enhance a level of nostalgia but showcase a true knowledge of past instrumentation. Overall this is an early contender for AOTY, but until the next peep it all below.


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