Detroit’s Lando Ameen Drops Off His New Set Of Frames For “Wolves”


There is an abundance of talent coming out of Michigan these days and Lando Ameen is only adding to the list. With his new set of frames for the cut “Wolves” we see the numerous sides of talent from this kid. From the pitch-corrected croons, to the ill breakdown for his braggadocios raps, Lando is here with something to say.

This song is off of his album Forest Collection, which is a tremendous project to say the very least. Dion Lewis handled the direction of the video, putting Ameen in settings where his sound is accented and not taken away from. Lando is the full focus of the visual, as he should be, but many directors seem to forget the artists importance and over-complicate shoots. These shots are simple, yet vivid and the color contrast keeps our eyes glued from start to finish. We love finding some of the undergrounds finest, peep this gas below.



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