Devy Stonez New EP, “Vol. 1: Enjoying Life,” is a Must Play


Relaxed and ready to snap, that is Devy Stonez‘s approach across all eight of this EP’s songs. Whether flowing with vigor and dashing across beats, or kicking back and snapping through the haze of smoke, Stonez never fails to deliver. Paired with the release of the tape, the video for, “Angels in Los Angeles”, demonstrates Devy’s talents and overall coolness as an emcee. While every song is a hit, the two that standout from the rest are, “Switchblade” and “In Yo Whip”.

The perfect opener, “Switchblade”, finds Devy, spurred by the Dylan Graham production, forced to spit like his life depends on his ability to flow. Running laps, Stonez decides to drop bombs for the songs entire length and just tears it apart. However, “In Yo Whip” puts Devy into a completely different landscape, turning down the speed and shining the spotlight on his voice as he powers through the Jusamelody & Larce beat. Check them out now!



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