diiiiiesel Floats Atop An Atmospheric Wave On “Car Less”


I wouldn’t consider this quintessential hyperpop, but it definitely possesses some of the attributes of the new found genre. Not from a distorted vocal standpoint, but more with the glitches of the ad-libs layering brilliantly throughout the night sky. diiiiiesel, (yes with five i’s, don’t forget it), is relatively new to my radar, but he’s showing out with his new cut “Car Less”.

You know when you’re stoned looking for music and you find it and forget about it for weeks, this is one of those times. Luckily one of the good bros sent this over to me and I’m thoroughly impressed after refreshing my memory. The instrumentation stays in a pocket to set a somber, yet energetic blend of a mood. Playing into the already cool and collected styling, diiiiiesel surely knows how to curate stellar set of sounds.

Artists like this that have an abundance of talent need a little extra spotlight shined on them, and that’s what we’re here to do. Stream “Car Less” below.


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