diiiiisel Drops Off His Spacey Newest Effort Simply Titled “HI”


It’s one of the perks of my job to see some of these artists develop over the past few months and diiiiisel is one of those examples. This young man does it all himself, from the art direction to the magnificent production. His modern take on vocals isn’t going to blow away the fundamentalists, but to the ears of the chosen, this will sound brilliant.

The beat is full of poignant percussion billowing off of each other in their respective layers. It seems like organized chaos but that’s the beauty of music without any hinges or guidelines. I think that’s why I’ve given this sound a chance time and time again because I hear the potential and talent in it. Music is meant to express emotion and feeling but it’s an added bonus when you can gain some fans.

diiiiisel has five i’s in it, so don’t forget and truly give this wave a chance. A fourth-quarter offering from an underdog who’s going to make some stellar noise next year. It’s innovative, complex, but full of grassroots poise and we love that shit, so peep this cut below.


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