Dipso Murders Himself Over Cereal In His Eerie New Visuals For “Disappear”


Cincinnati, Ohio’s Dipso, gets killed over cereal by his alter-ego in these new frames for “Disappear”.

These off-the-wall visuals were directed and edited by NOTTRACE, who takes us for a ride through the darkness in his mind. For one-minute and forty three-seconds, we see Dipso grab the piece and pull his mask down to hit some sort of lick. Not only is this like three-different songs in one, Dipso utilizes the variety of pristine production from Emilio Morales as his backdrop. Though a very low-budget film, the creativity doesn’t lack by any means. At the end of the video you’ll see Dipso looking at his life-less body laying in a pool of blood and fruit pebbles. This is some sort of metaphor, but we’ll let you come up with your own opinions. Enjoy the chaos above.


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