Diz is Trying to Find Himself Just Like the Rest of Us on “the way forward is not the way home”


Confession: As of late–with the exception of JID’s album–I’ve listened to 0 lyrical hip-hop. I didn’t realize how desperately I needed a break from my usual diet of opp-drop Street Rap, Afrobeats, and SZA’s “SOS”. Thankfully, Diz‘s new album is my reprieve.

“the way forward is not the way home” sees the young artist stumbling gracefully as he tries to balance the struggles of trying to find his way while reminding himself to trust the process. Diz accomplishes this feat using a charcuterie board of instrumentals and styles that range from pensive to raw and emotive.

The project’s first track “running away” features a cacophony of sound that mixes a vibrant sax line and rainy drums that flip between pouring and dripping in the background as Diz‘s flow pushes forward. The track feels like a dreary take on the visualizer for “Fight the Feeling” by Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar.

Another one of my favorites is “day by day” which has a sped-up Andrew Tate clip at the beginning which was hilarious. However, the rest of the track is reflective as Diz spits, “I don’t have all the answers, I just live day by day”.

Up-and-comer Gio Genesis also hops on the track and delivers a gut-punch rapping, “what good is the top if you be passive as a hero”. All in all, this project is super relatable, has insane production, and has a deep level of intimacy that feels meant to be shared. Check out the album below!


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