DJ Yung Vamp Makes His Rap Debut With “12 O’Glock”


DJ Yung Vamp is one of Europe’s best producers, if not the world’s. He’s made quite the ascension on SoundCloud, with over 70k followers on the platform. The young producer has worked with acts like Soulja BoyCHXPOThouxanban Fauni, bbno$, and more. His most famous style of work has been him applying appropriate acapella to his insane beats, but now, it seems his rap ability might change that.

Everything that DJ Yung Vamp drops is fire. I’ll stand behind that statement until my grave. He hasn’t missed once out of the 88 tracks he’s posted on SoundCloud, which hints to a rare ability of taste that most creatives don’t have. Between the overall feel of his music, to the choices of samples and sounds, Vamp has it all figured out. He’s now made his entrance in the music world as Jeune Vamp, which directly translates from French to “Young Vamp.” Even though this track is mostly in another language, it smacks harder than most English rap tracks that we’ve been exposed to. From the harmonizing and the unleashing of his gritty trap energy to the proper use of empty space, Vamp is a Hip-Hop genius (and that’s not even focusing on the fact that he produced the crazy beat behind his vocals). The song features bitsu and Le Jin, two artists from Senegal and Brussels, respectively. One of my favorite parts of Vamp‘s brand is how eclectic it is while maintaining a refined nature to the music. He’s created an ever-expanding community and is developing a fanbase composed of superfans. His choices of collaborators are always tasteful, just as his music is. Take a listen to the first song DJ Yung Vamp released with him rapping. Jeune Vamp never disappoints.


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