Dom Corleo Earns His Stripes on “Party Girlz”


Dom Corleo has been on a consistent run this year, dropping hits such as “Penthouse Shordy,” “Ginseng,” and “Bloody Runtz,” just to name a few. The Sacramento-bred artist found his shine on TikTok, as he went viral for utilizing ethereal production, drawing attention to his name and sound. 

He most recently released a single titled “Party Girlz,” which was initially teased on TikTok about a month ago. The production is backed by Dom’s notorious producer 16teen, who is responsible for his two most popular songs. What we all expected from Dom is a heavenly flow and exceptionally mixed vocals, however, he managed to exceed those expectations as he’s gotten better with each release.

The young superstar has been co-signed by artists such as SoFaygo, Autumn, Slump6s, and Summrs just to name a few. Dom has a bright future ahead of him as he’s shown nothing but great potential this year, paving the way for a huge jump in 2023. Check out this gas below and let us know what you think! 


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