Drake and 21 Savage Announce their Joint Album “HER LOSS”

Drake is back in full swing following his Summer Dance album Honestly, Nevermind shock dropping a music video for the song Jimmy Cooks” featuring 21 Savage and announcing a joint album by the two titled HER LOSS. the music video itself is an aesthetically pleasing zoom in of a film set closing in on a shot of 21 Savage and Drake in front of a giant monitor, as the music starts to play the monitors display different images and clips while Drake raps along and 21 supports him like all friends do.

At the end of Drake‘s verse, during the beat switch, the camera pans out and 21‘s verse is cut off, instead a font is put over the screen that reads “HER LOSS, ALBUM BY DRAKE AND 21 SAVAGE, OCTOBER 28, 2022” followed by an instrumental that you can only assume will be included on the album. This album was earlier speculated in the week but was shut down by 21 Savage, stating it was all “cap“.

Drake is showing no signs of slowing down on music as he has also confirmed Early 2023 he will be releasing his third installment of the EP series Scary Hours.


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