Drake Had You Mad About The Dance Album, But Honestly You’re Projecting


A couple of differences in people’s taste essentially threw our timelines into a frenzy. And not every album has to be trash or a classic, maybe some projects you just listen to once and move along. Why is it that our culture is so fixated on either bashing something or worshiping it? The extremities seem to push people off their metaphorical rocker and in turn transform them into annoying as fuck wannabe critics.

What I say to you is this. Who the fuck cares what you like. Okay, you didn’t enjoy it, sick, now never go out of your way to listen to it again. The argument against that is they’ll hear it when they go out to bars and clubs. But let’s be honest the majority of you shouldn’t be going out to these clubs and bars when you know you’re not going to enjoy the music they’re playing. Why would you participate in anything you don’t like if you don’t need to?

Musicians are allowed to experiment and make whatever they please, how it’s received is completely up to the consumer. And a variety of variables go into that as well. How was the listener’s mood when they started the project? Were they already a fan or just tapping in with a strong preconceived bias? Regardless, we all can listen to what we want to and it doesn’t matter what some random on the TL says about it. Relax, you’re not Caramonica.

Travy Nostra – Stop Saying I Look Sad

Travy is one the most consistently phenomenal artists coming out of the DMV. He’s unique but still possesses that boisterous arrogance that we love from DC. With his newest project called Stop Saying I Look Sad, we hear Nostra pick up right where he left off. You never have to doubt what Travy raps about because it always bleeds sheer authenticity.  Favorites of mine are “‘Rarri Low” and “Last Letter”, but this whole thing hits so peep it all above.

Angelo Mota – Hide In The Phantom

Angelo Mota is one of those names who has been around for a while, but those who are truly hip to his skillset know how talented his young man is. He’s back on our radar with the newest wave “Hide In The Phantom” and this one is special. A melding of genres from Rap to Hyperpop all with an infectious bounce brimming from top to bottom. Through a number of breakdowns and beat changes Mota doesn’t waver with his delivery. Mota is going crazy, tap in above.

22Gfay – FreeWhoDoe

22GFay paints vivid descriptions of his life and this video for “FreeWhoDoe” is no different. Atop some subtly beautiful glides of the keys, we hear Fay paint the sky in such a brilliant manner. This is a heartfelt dedication to his friend locked up, but it reaches a broader audience than anyone who is dealing with a similar situation. With his team at his back and the frames crisp as ever, this trip through a day in Fay‘s life is stellar. Get familiar with 22GFay today.

Gash The Reaper – Sustain

Gash has been running it up over the past few months and finds himself yet again on our pages. This young man has a futuristic approach to music and it’s almost like a culmination of all the stars you rock with. There are shades of Travis and Ye in this kid’s music, but there’s also a heavy rage element that goes into the instrumentation. In 6 cuts you hear a whole lot of energy, punched-in flows, and instrumentation that will make you move. Get hip to Gash and his music above.

MVW Featuring Valee – Oscar

This is a powerful duo to say the very least and they’re back again with more kindling to add to the already lively fire they produce. MVW pairs with Valee for the insane new single “Oscar” which features some prolific quotes atop the wondrous piano. MVW does a great job blending that bounce of the percussion while allowing enough space for Valee to run around as he pleases. Yet another notch in the belt and we can only hope that these two just run the whole project ASAP. Don’t miss the plane above.

Ray Emmanuel – Nobody But Me

Ray Emmanuel was recently put on my radar and his work is something that isn’t meant to be taken lightly. His confidence brims throughout these twelve tracks and Nobody But Me acts as a great introduction to this young man’s talents. Cuts like “Stop Playing”, “Realist” and “Derozan” all showcase a supreme skillset ready for the world to indulge in. We have a strange feeling we’re gonna be hearing a lot more from this young man, but until then, peep all of this above.


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