DRAM Debuts The Bakery Boys In New Lex Luger & eK! Produced Smash, “Undertaker”


DRAM back! After delivering what could undeniably be argued as a contender for R&B album of the year in 2022 with What Had Happened Was…DRAM is taking a step into a pocket that feels more like an evolution of those early days of his genre-breaking rap/sing hybrid deliveries.

Recently recruiting some cohorts to join the mission, the Virginia native is moving into this evolution era of his career with his latest venture in The Bakery Boys. Consisting of DRAM himself alongside fellow Virginians RandanaEllis QuinnMass, and BKA Trip (the first three of which are featured in this first drop), as well as a few others. Enter “Undertaker”, the first glance at what’s to come – and it’s more than enticing.

The collaboration between eK! and Lex Luger on the production sets a truly 757-flavored canvas for this epic debut as FishSkale Rabble starts off a series of bar exchanges that starts and ends on a high note. Each Bakery Boy, including DRAM himself, pump energy into the track as Jordan Dunman captures the crew conquering the streets of downtown Norfolk, Virginia for a video riddled with electric energy. It’s safe to say 2023 is in full gear and the 757 is laying their claim to this year early. Peep “Undertaker” below!


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