Dre Wave$ Is Making Noise With His Latest Project “BLOOM”


We’ve been aware of Dre and his styling for a while now but with the sheer amount of music in the atmosphere we hadn’t had the chance to tap in. Though with his project Bloom radiating through the industry and internet alike, we thought this would be a great chance to delve into the opus.

With robust features from Westside Boogie, Marco Plus, Goshad, crybby, Ty Thom and Riley Kennedy, it seems Dre assembled these creatives to only add cohesion. The melding of talents especially when it comes to the instrumentation selected drives home the fact that this is a stellar opus. Cuts that stand out include “Nothing Betta” and “Alone” on the front end of this one, but songs like “Get In My Way” and “Armory” drive home the final strides.

We hear this man trade punchlines with the greats when he’s collaborating, but when it’s just him on the cut, the talent never wavers. Overall Dre Wave$ is making some noise out here and more importantly, it’s with great music. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with it all below.


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