Duke Deuce Is Back With His New Hair-Raising Album “Duke Nukem”


WHAT THE FUCK! Duke Deuce and his alarming ad-lib is back almost exactly a year later with his new hair-raising album, Duke Nukem. With his feet set in the industry, he’s able to recruit other contemporary rappers to accompany him on his journey to revitalize Memphis crunk.

Usually there’s a certain level of compromise being made when collaborating with other artists but Deuce puts his foot down and summons them to play in his world not the other way around. A$AP Ferg, Young Dolph, Lil Keed, Mulatto and of course Offset all have a blast frolicking on the booming production presented by Ayoza, HitKidd, Kino Beats and others. Join in on the fun and be apart of the renewed Memphis sound below.


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