Durham Rapper Jaay Ruga Describes The Hustle in His Engaging New Video For “Flip Phone”


North Carolina is one of the hottest regions in Hip-Hop at the moment. Completely ignoring heavyweights like J. Cole, DaBaby or even Little Brother, the state has recently produced buzzing artists like Lute, Stunna 4 Vegas and Mavi, the latter of which is being heralded as one of the more calculated lyricists to surface in the last few years. Utilizing the attention, the scene has began to progress and it’s starting to show. Capturing the wave, North Carolina rapper, Jaay Ruga checks in with his new video for, “Flip Phone.”

Taking in place in a dimly lit apartment, “Flip Phone” is an incredibly engaging single that finds Ruga infectiously rhyming about serving, “White girls to them white folks,” which could honestly be contextualized into a few different explanations–a double entendre as you might say. Sporting a ridiculously catchy flow and an obvious knack for accurate melodies, Ruga proves he’s the whole package, music wise. Coupling that up with the fact that his presence throughout the whole video is commanding despite being in a wheel chair–which, think about how hard that is to do– and you have yourself one of the more marketable rappers to come out this year.

Take a peek at the video below and get familiar with Jaay Ruga.


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