Dustystaytrue Pays Homage To DMX In His New Visuals For “Know You”


I love when artists from the younger generations pay homage to fallen legends. Even if it’s in the subtlest of ways, a nod to who paved the road is always appreciated. This time around it’s from Dustystaytrue sending love to DMX. In these gentle and soothing frames for the cut “Know You”, we see Dusty search for his love in the city. You may recognize the inspiration from the “How’s It Going Down” video, but the intricacies are what impress the viewer.

Frankie Fire is the eye of direction behind the lens and he painted the settings in warm colors. Each scene is formulated as a main shot as opposed to jittery camera jolts back and forth. The tones change up the mood in such a distinct way allowing our protagonist to shine. Dusty isn’t the strongest of singers, but his delivery basks confidently in the imperfections. The feeling is never lost and instead, it evolves into a stellar wave for our smoldering summers.

Dusty is a real artist not afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles. Until the next set of sounds, peep this gas below.


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