E The Profit And Rocco Roy Snap Yet Again With “Like That”


This one is a hit and it’s a true shame sample clearance is a thing you have to think about in these times. But that’s what the lawless lands of Soundcloud are for. “Like That” is unhinged, organized chaos that puts E in the driver’s seat. Rocco plays his pristine role per usual curating a wild auditory environment for us all to enjoy.

You can hear building aggression in E‘s tone like he’s ready for all of the madness to start. This young man doesn’t play by the rules, instead, he paves a unique path coming from his part of the map. Elsmere has never seen this type of talent or tenacity and neither has the greater Cincinnati area. Making undeniably great music all while playing the game the right way will lead E and Roc to the promised land. Until the next batch of gas peep it all below.


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