E The Profit Drops Off His Highlight Tape For The New Single “Division”


E has had a year full of abundance and he decided to showcase his brilliant highlights in the form of cinematic gold. “Division” is another example of what he and Coach Cam can do together. Linking with Jordan Phillips for the visual recap, they make all of their efforts flow into one cohesive package.

E has been building from the ground up with precise, calculated moves and it’s looking like the upcoming months are shining bright with opportunity. Coming off a sold-out show with bbno$ at the Kiss 107.1 Kissmas party and the rumbling of the city’s support, one could say momentum is flowing in the right direction.

With a sound that is so diverse, yet so easy to digest, let me tell you that the next drops are unlike anything you’ve heard thus far. The time is upon us and it’s about to get real poetic in the heat, peep the gas below.


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