E The Profit Returns With His Sophomore Mixtape Entitled “2 Effortless”


E is putting on for his state and small hometown alike, but the job isn’t even close to being finished. In 8 cuts with a few skits, 2 Effortless is just that, easy for this kid. During his 23-years on this earth, he has lived a number of lives. From a torn ACL that ended his time on the college football team, all the way to what he’s built now. It’s astounding the progress he’s made, especially from a skill-based standpoint. But still, the job isn’t over.

Linking with Rocco for the majority of the instrumentals and getting an assist from Coach Cam on the infectious “Dutches” the beats are never anything to worry about. E‘s ear for production is much different than the modern rage-type rapper, he’s trying to play off the fundamentals. Though with each release we have seen signs of more aggression, diverse talents, and confidence that brims from the seams.

“Ghost” is a favorite of mine because of how ominous it sounds right from the get-go. “H.L.F” is a little too much fun, but hey we all need to be honest these days. Each song shows another side of E, though not one of these cuts lags behind the rest. It’s only a matter of time until the world knows his name, but until then, E knows the jobs not done yet.



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