Elias Hix Delivers An Unreal Effort With “Paper Teeth”


This isn’t the style of music we’re typically known for writing about, but Elias Hix is just too good to not give praise to. With his atmospheric vocals and brilliant songwriting ability we are blown away from the start. It’s almost like this ecosystem that Elias is growing in has become too small to contain him.

Music like this deserves a true moment to live with. And what I mean by that is songs need to be digested with care or else they’ll just be thrown to the wayside. Hix took us on a very interpersonal journey through his mind and it’s only right that we gift a bit of time to listen. And man am I glad we did. His pen is lethal, he can control and bend his voice to blend with instrumentation. Don’t sleep on Elias, he’s going to be a household name.


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