Emilio Morales Gifts The World w/ His Newest Opus Called “Take My Sweet Time”


Now, I may be a bit biased because of the fact that I’ve seen this man cook up some of this music. His name is Emilio Morales and he’s currently based out of Cincy. He can curate an entire song from a single sound by simply manipulating the waves into whatever he desires. His production style alone should be revered as some of the most astounding instrumentation in Ohio’s modern music scene. With his new album Take My Sweet Time, we see the diverse talents of a man on his own mission to happiness.

The Morales family is full of musically talented people including Leo’s cousin Isai. He’s featured on the single “Luche Libre” and the only other feature is from the unique soul that is Rossi Blue. Both of these collabs are spectacular to say the least. The bass on “Flip” with Rossi will tear up your trunk and make your baby momma act up. There are layers to this album that will provide a deep connection to any music lover.

But that’s the whole reason this album resonates with me and so many other artists. There is a strong consensus among Ohio artists, that Emilio is one of the best kept secrets the state has ever seen. It’s only a matter of time when the word gets out because this kid can truly be a star. Though I don’t think he wants to be famous, we can only hope he continues to bless us with projects like this. Do yourself a favor, dim the lights and enjoy the herb while Emilio Morales soothes your weary head.



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