Era And Moe Young Pair Up For Their Sultry New Wave Entitled “Faithfully”


Both Era and Moe Young are representatives of the rising Internet Money squad and here they showcase a softer side than they’re usually known for. This cut was off of the two song, EP Casa Blanca that Era just gifted the world. The subtle and soothing voices that this duo brings keeps our ears yearning for more. With production from KC Supreme, Mike Robinson and Pharaoh Vice it seems as if this is quite the IM family affair.

In the official visualizer directed by ShotbyMiggy, it’s nothing too complicated. Just a couple of beautiful women with a cameo from Young and Era from time to time. Though, it does accompany the vocals in a stellar manner, making the total package a lovely one at that. These two crooners are on the brink of breaking through to the other side, don’t be salty when you get left behind.


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