Eric Doa Pairs With Alice Gas & 4 AM For And Energetic Cut Entitled “Sheaskedwhatmylifeislike”


Eric Doa has amasses a stellar following over the last few years, but it seems as if this year has been an explosive one. With all that is going on in the world, Eric has been getting looks from the industry and new fans alike, deeming him one of the leading faces in this new found hyperpop, glitch core scene.

Floating throughout the air, Doa adds to the chaos atop production from Alice Gas and 4AM. Instead of being confused as to why this song is special, it’s more of an opportunity to let go and have the music dictate your next move. Ease the stress while giving a new set of sounds a go. Eric is so versatile and right now he’s truly crafting some top-tier tunes. Until the next wave, tap into the gas below.


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