Eric Penn Is Really One Of The Most Slept On Voices In Music, Peep His Latest Called “Catastrophic”


The DMV has created just as much if not more talent than these prominent hotbeds like Atlanta, New York, or LA. People just seem to overlook or simply forget, though today we’re here to shine a little light on a voice that will stop you in your tracks. Eric Penn is a masterful singer and songwriter from the DMV, but now currently resides in Harlem. This gentleman has a real catalog of music already out there, but his live session of “Catastrophic” got him some big attention. Being chosen as one of the finalists on NPR’s Top Shelf Tiny Desk Contest.

With such a warm reception from the people, Eric decided to hit the streaming services with the live variation as well. Right from when his vocals bless the air, you cannot help but be moved. And to be in love while hearing this song makes it even more powerful. Not going to lie, but this song’s sheer beauty made me shed a tear. When art evokes such powerful emotion, it has done its job. Penn has a pen that is lethal as ever but disorients the listener with the lush tonality he can produce. There is a live EP on the way so after you become obsessed with this one, your fix will be satiated in the upcoming weeks.

Eric Penn truly blew us away with this effort and will continue to leave it all on the pavement. Don’t miss out on some of the best music released this year and peep it all below.


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