Exclusive: A Conversation With Arnoldisdead Regarding His Huge 2017



Arnoldisdead is one of the hottest producers on the market right now and has made quite an impact in the scene over the course of 2017, and leading in to 2018. We met up with Arnold as he took us up to the top floor of a Miami high-rise with studio sessions already underway. From smoking mad weed to making endless beats, Arnold does not stop working and that’s an understatement. As I observed the 22-year-old in his element, working nonstop on beats in between smoke sessions at a South Florida penthouse, he reminisced on the past year: “2017 was just me testing the waters, seeing what I could do.” That he did, with hit singles “Poltergeist” by Ski Mask The Slump God and “Overdose On L1fe” by Trippie Redd. Traveling all over, Arnold spent a select time in LA working with multiple artists such as Trippie and Warhol.SS. Now, back in Miami, he’s posted up in a penthouse studio making hit after hit.


I had the pleasure to spend a couple days/nights with Arnold and his creative crew. Showing us a massive catalog of unreleased music and beats that he strategically keeps under wraps. In his origins, Arnold used to be a drummer before really getting into producing. He was a professional theatrical drummer in the Miami-Dade area. Now back in Miami, Arnold has been creating with his best friend, Nikko aka Neighborhood Watch who produced the hit song, “ACHOO” by Ski Mask The Slump God and Keith Ape. When asked why he came back; “I’m from Hialeah and Opa-Locka, so I just wanted to get back to my roots and where I’m from.” Collaborating with just about everyone in the game, Arnold and his team are set to push his talents to the top of the world with the help of some of his best friends. Also collaborating with Very Rare, Arnold is working closely with Ski to make some memorable hits people will cherish for a long time.


Arnold reflects on coming up from literally nothing; “I was sleeping on Nikko’s (Neighborhood Watch) floor before I moved with literally nothing to LA and lived on the beach”, spending a year or so on the west coast connecting with major faces like Trippie and another Chiefer’s favorite, Eddy Baker. With momentum on his side, Arnold only took breaks for smoke sessions where he reflected on his Hero’s Journey from coast to coast so far.

Obstacles behind him and artistic accomplishments under his belt, Arnold’s sojourn towards cementing himself as a hometown hero in the now undeniable Florida artistic echelons is really just beginning. We had some memorable times with Arnold and many more to come! Shoutout to Arnold and all his hospitality, to Nikko as well. Also to my photographers msftbruh.jpeg and louiseye. Last but not least, Don Anthony and Ray for coordinating everything. Before parting ways, Arnold offered up positive insight into his next moves. “I’m just focused on what’s next, what can I do even bigger” he recited while gesturing that he has much up his sleeve.



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