Exclusive: Bernard Jabs Talks New Music, Touring w/ Pusha T and More!


If you’ve been paying attention to what people are talking about online, you’ve heard the name Bernard Jabs. The 17-year-old rapper from Tifton, Georgia is poised to takeover in the coming year. Besides his first tour, opening for none other that Pusha T, Bernard has also signed with Def Jam. Now, if you think that’s quick, let us remind you Bernard has been doing this for a while. A quick search reveals an article from Hypebeast covering his music, when the rapper was only 13!

We linked with Bernard right before his show at Irving Plaza to discuss upcoming music, inspiration, and aligning himself with Def Jam. Stay tuned for our latest Weekly Detox, curated in part by Bernard, to find out what he’s listening too!

Daily Chiefers: You’ve dedicated a few singles, [Big Tymers, Master P] to southern legends. Being from Georgia, what influence did these artists have on you?

Bernard Jabs: It was kind of the only music I listened to growing up. It was just always around; you go outside you hear some Southern shit. Your dad’s playing southern shit, your mom playing different R&B artist, so it’s like I grew up around it.

Daily Chiefers: Both of those artists being from New Orleans, I can sort of hear that influence in your music.

Bernard Jabs: Yeah, of course. I like music that make people move. As soon as you hear a beat and you start dancing.

Daily Chiefers Speak a little bit on your most recent single, Big Tymers.

Bernard Jabs: Big Tymers is produced by Sunday License. He just fucked with me and sent some beats. I really barely listen to beats but he sent it one day and I was bored and heard it. As soon as I heard that beat I said, “I’ma Big Tymer.” I knew that was the hook, and I knew I had to add those Baby and Mannie Fresh lines.

Daily Chiefers What does the bee symbolize for you?

Bernard Jabs: [Laughs] My name starts with a B, Bernard. I just love bees, my mom does too so.

Daily Chiefers Opening for Pusha T on tour must be a surreal experience. What’s it been like?

Bernard Jabs: This tour has been my first time ever performing. First night I was good, second night I got better, third night I was like okay I made mistakes here, fourth night I did better on correcting those mistakes. After that I was just running for myself I learned from Pusha T, watching his performance. I’d go watch Phony PPL, listen to what people tell me after the show. People will just come back telling me they fuck with it, give me criticisms and stuff like that. I listen to what everybody around me tells me to make myself a better performer. I just go hard every night, keep my same energy and make sure I don’t run out of breath or anything. The crowd is getting me every night and it’s great

Daily Chiefers: Can we expect more music from you and Internet Money?

Bernard Jabs: Of course, always more music with them, those are my brothers actually. Whenever I go to LA I stay with them at the [Internet Money] Mansion. I was 15 years old, they took me in, I needed beats. I was a kid, I mean I’m still a kid, but I needed beats. They would send me beats, I was in the Internet Money group chat. There were talks about me joining the label. We’ve always stayed in contact. DT is my brother, Nick Mira is one of my best friends.

Daily Chiefers: Over Instagram a few weeks ago you claimed Gunna’s Car Sick is your favorite track. What are you listening to?

Bernard Jabs: Carti. Playboi Carti. [NBA] Youngboy. This dude named Paycheck, I found his Soundcloud and started listening to him. Kodak. Uzi. Travis. Gunna. Lil Baby. Lil Gotit.

Daily Chiefers: Why did you go with Def Jam, what made them the best team for you?

Bernard Jabs: I felt like they are the best fit because they actually seem like they care. It seemed like they wanted to stick through with me and work on what I wanted to work on. They wanted to go with my vision. They are involved and got their hands in this. I mean I’m here now on this Pusha T tour. That’s why I signed with them, because I knew this is what would happen.

Daily Chiefers: What else can we expect from you, coming up?

Bernard Jabs: Just better music from me. Whether it be storytelling, rapping, rhyme schemes and just flowing putting words together I’m always getting better.


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