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Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with two of the owners of upcoming streetwear brands, Half Evil Co. and Heem Inc. I’ve personally had a love for these two brands for the past year and a half now, and the progress they have both made is truly something I’m glad to say I’ve witnessed.

Samuel Grimaldi, is a 21-year-old designer who’s been a good friend of mines for quite some time now. I’ve watched Sam take on numerous ventures in his career, and have even worked with him on past ventures. With that being said, Sam has proven to be a key example of what being resilient over the years can do for a young entrepreneur.

H33m runway

Karim, is the owner of Heem Inc., which in all honesty, is one of my favorite brands out today. The direction and choice of themes for this company has kept them as a one-of-a-kind brand, and are appreciated across the globe. I first heard of the clothing company when I first got into the clothing business, and was instantly impressed by his designs.

I knew instantly that this brand is going to be big one day.

Then one year during a music festival in Austin, Texas, I was staying with a good friend of mines Trill Sammy, whose photographer was wearing pieces by Heem that I never had seen before. I immediately knew that I had to get some type of conversation going in the future with the owner of this brand.

Today, I have the distinct privilege of interviewing them both on their upcoming collaboration, where we will be revealing some of their pieces for their upcoming release. First though, let’s get to know the two young entrepreneurs’ brief Q&A.

Eddie: What’s your name and how long have you been in the clothing business?

Half Evil: My name is Samuel Grimaldi & the first clothing i made was back in 2014

Heem: Kahim and I’ve been doing H33M for almost 4 years

Eddie: How old are you? Does your age have any effect on what you choose to put out?

Half Evil: I’m 21, and I really just put out things i want to wear but i think age/the era you grew up in def affects everything in life heavily

Heem: I’m 31 and not really, if anything I just have a better attention to detail then when I was younger.

Eddie: Where are you from and tell us what it’s like in your hometown and what separates it from other cities?

Half Evil: I’m from Norwalk CT…. shits kinda ass. we have a decent beach, Stew Lenords Grocery Store, and not much else. We do have a bunch of fire food spots though!

Heem: I’m from San Luis Obispo originally, but I consider San Francisco to be my hometown because that’s where I feel like I came into my own person. During the time I lived there the city had a really active art scene and a lot of young people living there. I felt it was a pretty unique place during that time.

Eddie: What inspired you to come up with the name for your clothing brand?

Half Evil: My co owner who doesn’t really use social media came up with the name & I came up with the $3.33 shirt pricing! I feel like every human is a mix of partial good & partial evil so i related to the idea of it closely!

Heem: My Name is Kahim, so it was sort of in my name.

Eddie: What made you want partner with popular up and coming rapper Lil Skies for a collaboration?

Half Evil: His videographer Nicholas Jandora was one of our first customers! We eventually sent them a huge carepack of clothing and ended up coming up with collab design concepts! Skies & Nick are both talented people and we’re fun to work with! Heem: N/A

Eddie: Where do you see yourself taking the brand in the next few months as it continues to progress in today’s streetwear scene?

Half Evil: We’re getting a warehouse in Chicago any week now! I’m about to build a miniature street hell version of Rob’s Fantasy Factory! We will still keep offering $3.33 shirts every month no matter how big we get or who we work with!

Heem: N/A

Eddie: How do you see streetwear having a role into today’s rap game?

Half Evil: The clothing inspires the music & the music inspires the clothing… How many rappers you know in 2017 hopped on the supreme bandwagon? How many high school kids then hopped on supreme because of that?

Heem: Clothes and music always go together, rappers are the number 1 superstars in current day music.

Eddie: Name 5 people of interest who’ve been seen wearing your clothes.

Half Evil: Nessly and Father since way back in 2015. My big bro Sammy Adams supports anything I do <3. Dom McLennon from Brockhampton, who is also from CT. Pouya, aka the fucking king of the underdogs, and obviously Lil Skies.

Heem: Too many.

Eddie: Are there any other up and coming brands you would like to work with or just find yourself being a fan/supporter of?

Half Evil: I’m a really huge fan of Brigade, Absurd, Muerte, Filthy64, Hybrid, h33m, Georrge Olivier, Jaden Lowe, Sukamii, Ovr33, & a few others i’m probably forgetting…. i’ll probably work with a few of them before the year ends! And when paypal stops playing with my funds i’m cashing out on all of them!

Heem: Are there any other up and coming brands you would like to with or just find yourself being a fan/supporter of? I’m a fan of plenty of other brands, shout out to all the homies getting to it; LBS, FELT, ABSURD, DIVINITIES, HOT FIRE, to name a few.

Eddie: If you could give some advice to any young creatives wanting to start their own business what would it be?

Half Evil: Don’t worry about followers or all that bullshit! Just work on creating and learning 1 small thing every day. Make it your goal to be better than you were last week, not better than the next person. And never fucking let a person who grew up before the invention of the iPhone tell you that you can’t make a living chasing your dreams!!!

Heem: Work hard and stick to it, not everything happens overnight but if you stay true to your craft you’ll always end up where you need to be.

Below, are some of the unreleased pieces that will be dropping in this collaboration.

H333M hoodie

H333m t shirt

h333m ashtray


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