Five Songs Your Bum Ass Boyfriend Doesn’t Know About


So I’ve been at this whole writing thing for a good six years now. And would you fucking look at that, some people are starting to pass on some opportunities that make my husky ass shed a tear. But why are they even talking to me? Because of my taste and ear you wretched clown. While I stroke the keys atop my 2015 MacBook Pro, I hear the hums of my computer fan, melded to a faint hum of the cicadas outside my window. Life is wild, but good music always prevails above the bullshit. I like to pass on some kudos at their very least with my writing, and as I said above, your bum ass boyfriend is listening to some wannabee rock chode named Colton. So rip the rig, and sit back while I guide you through a labyrinth of talents.

Roadrunner TB – Chicken Talk, PT.3

TB is really running the city. He may have fallen back a bit over the recent months, but it’s seeming like that was only to restrategize his moves. Regardless “Chicken Talk, Pt. 3” shows and proves that TB hasn’t lost a motherfucking step. Dorning some Burberry, with some smoke in the air, we hear this Eastsider talk some Eastside shit. You can feel his arrogance, but who is going to stop him from shining. With the confidence of a seasoned veteran in the game, it’s amazing to see someone truly put the city on his back. With the Roadrunners gearing up for a powerful 2021, this set of frames, directed by Visuals By AL, is a great starting place to tap into.

Homicide Beno! x Homicide Meechie – The Lifestyle

Ok, so these are two of Carti‘s homies. And if you’re not a dense little nimrod, then you can put two and two together and figure that this is really THAT Beno!. Anyway, this cut is seriously rugged but isn’t as far away from the mainstream as one would think. It seems as if both Beno! and Meechie are naturally talented and have probably soaked up some game from their peers over time. Either way, these frames directed by Jelani Miller aren’t overtly complicated, but they do add a crisp visual accent to the wave. This will be a very powerful duo in music, don’t sleep.

Bang Bang FT. EST Gee – Catch A Body

Bang Bang is out of Philly and he paired with the EST Gee for their visuals entitled “Catch A Body”. The thing that I love about Philly is that there are so many different styles that can coexist or catch momentum. Now it’s truly gotten to the point where the city is a respective hotbed for an abundance of talent. Bang Bang did a hell of a job with this introduction and it actually seems like Gee fucks with this wave too. You don’t need a high-budget rap video, you need something real and this shit is real. Hopefully, the momentum continues and we get some more heat from this guy soon.

Demrick x Mike & Keys FT. Kay Franklin – Don’t Look Down

Demrick pairs with the masterful production duo, Mike & Keys for a wondrous set of visuals entitled “Don’t Look Down”. Kay Franklin laced the chorus and did a brilliant job per usual, floating atop ambient sounds of the Westside. Demrick really paints the sky with his words, essentially being the tour guide of our inner thoughts. Kay has a lethal pen as well and we know that he’s going to be making some noise for a while. Overall this is a great wave and once you peep it for yourself, you’ll understand the mood.

Fayt – Write It Down

Fayt is one of those artists who will have a magnificent career, but the industry just doesn’t know it yet. Whether it’s this kid posting a seemingly effortless clip playing piano like it’s a fucking concerto. Or his own melodic wave above, you’d have to be a pretty dense SOB to not see this kid’s skill. He seems like a very humble individual, but if you know talent, you can see it quite clearly here. “Write It Down” is a very somber and subtle sound, but it expresses deep emotions from this young man’s account. Stay tuned for more from Fayt, he’s onto something serious.


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