Flavors: The Best New Brand From Austin, Texas

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Flavors™ is another one of the cooler clothing brands I’ve stumbled across in my quest to find the dopest underground clothing for all of you to check out. It’s colorful, tasteful, and really artistic. The aesthetic of Flavors™ is unmatched by many. They make a lot of 1/1 collectible pieces,and they do it extremely well.

Flavors™ is a dope, brand new local streetwear brand in Austin, Texas, which is home to a lot of cool artsy things. Each season, Flavors™ features a new artist that they collaborate with for some really cool things. I have to add that that the products that Flavors™ sell run on the more inexpensive side, compared to some other brands I’ve covered in the past. They really captured a certain feeling in this first drop. A lot of the shirts have a very vintage feel to them, which is a pretty hard thing to pull off, as the “vintage” look is pretty subjective. They pull it off, especially in their khaki “Scam Hat.”

This first drop was really big. There were many things to choose from. If you’re going to start a clothing brand, you have to start it like how Flavors™ did. Their product is clean, with mass quantity but mass quality as well. You don’t see a lot of brands like this, with their shit in line and a concise style that they’re trying to cater too. These aren’t the kids from your town who “wanted to start a clothing brand because it looked fun.” These are seriously hard workers who do their best to make some really fucking cool products readily available to you.

These clothes dropped on October 28, and there will be more 1/1 pieces to come soon. For now, check out their clothing here.

Inhale1 of 28Exhale


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