Flavors Winter Line Officially Dropped!

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Austin, TX is on the rise for creativity. That’s a fact. The music that comes from Texas alone has made a name on its own. But what many of you don’t know if that there is a super dope clothing brand that operates in Austin called Flavors, and they just dropped their winter line on January 13th, and it is packed full of amazing pieces. From jackets, to hoodies, to even a sheet of flash tattoos, Flavors thought outside of the box and created a dope aesthetic to their brand with this release.

Flavors is by artists, for everyone. Flavors really did hit the ground running on this release, and has a lot of cool ideas and sick releases coming in 2017. You can get to their website by clicking here, and scroll through to check out the new merch that they dropped. Enjoy!

“Created as a project to gain exposure for local artists, Flavors™ captures the aesthetics of our community, and brings forth the raw talents of our unconventional culture.

Punks, rebels, skateboarders, artists, dreamers, and everyone alike is who Flavors™ gives a voice to. Through limited-edition garments, we strive to create the next staple within our world of fashion and art.”

-Flavors Creative Group™

Inhale1 of 9Exhale


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