F$O Dinero Puts Broward on His Back With His New Mixtape, “Color Money”


South Florida is unique area to say the least, and the county of Broward is even more particular. Coming out of Broward County, Florida, F$O Dinero is probably the brightest star of the bunch, and he’s just getting started.

After initially earning his buzz with his “Blue Bills” record, South Florida’s F$O Dinero followed that up with another crazy release titled “Broward,” which is actually the intro to the tape.

The tape, titled Color Money, features the South Florida homies, City Girls, the F$O boys, Zoey Dollaz, and Chicago’s Lil Durk, making the 11-track project a must-listen to upcoming tastemakers across the globe. No telling what F$O Dinero has next in store, but we’ll surely keep you updated. Stream Color Money below, and stay tuned for more.


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