Foggieraw Drops Vintage Visuals for “Polo On Me”


DMV based rapper Foggieraw just dropped a fire new video! Directed by Nathan R. Smith (who is well-known for directing DRAM‘s “Broccoli” video), this visual for “Polo On Me” is fire. As always, Foggieraw lays a solid foundation for the video with his unpredictable yet satisfying mumble-rap flow. Nathan Smith complements Foggieraw‘s musical prowess with aesthetically pleasing vintage visuals.  Foggie’s work has now been covered by Chiefers for almost two years. It seems like the Ghana native is inevitably approaching his time to shine in the music scene, continuing to build a following that has grown exponentially over a short time. Take a look into the world of Foggieraw in the YouTube link above.


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