Foggieraw Taps in with Kelow Latesha for These Infectious Visuals Called “DRRAAKKEE”


This is day eight of the my personal quarantine and I have stumbled upon this magnificent set for frames for “DRRAAKKEE.” Foggieraw is one of PG County’s most unique and talented upcoming artists. His lackadaisical styling with his cadence and annunciations are what seems to draw the people to his art.

Linking up with Kelow Latesha in these shots, these two reenact  some magical spells while strolling around the campus. This is definitely mumble rap, but his sound is so much more than that simple category. The infectious instrumentation sets the scene and Foggie really came out of left field with that chorus. It all works so brilliantly and Nathan R. Smith was there to direct and document all of the debauchery. In the end, we love what we’ve seen from Foggieraw, so stream this video below.


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