Freako Blesses Fans With A Surprise 3-Track “Jug EP”, Executive Produced By Bruiser3100!


Daily Chiefer favorite, Freako, impressed us earlier this year with “Toxic”, an addictive Bruiser3100 produced track that flexed that notorious ‘stream of consciousness’ flow we have come to love from the Chicago native. We liked it so much, we even released the “Toxic” visual via our Youtube back in March as a matter of fact and today Freako is back on our pages with a surprise 3-track “Jug EP”. The short EP is executive produced by Bruiser3100 which means more of the cosmic, sedated bars that made “Toxic” such a hit. Don’t let the “jug” component fool you however; Freako is not making “leave your brain at the door” music, he and Bruiser took the catchy elements that make “jug rap” so popular and inserted memorable introspective lyrics that give it more depth than the catchy choruses from popular jug tracks (“I’m my worst enemy, I feel no closure/She just really into me, my demons closer” etc…) At just 3 tracks, you are bound to have this project on repeat so get started by hitting play below and follow Freako on Twitter and Soundcloud to stay up to date with music news from the rising Chicago standout.



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